natureflex-2Bio-based cellulose

Unlike petroleum based plastic films and bags, NatureFlex™ films are based strongly on renewable resources. And while most bioplastics originate from renewable raw materials such as corn, potatoes or wheat, NatureFlex™ films are based on cellulose — the most abundant of all naturally occurring organic materials.

This cellulose is derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests . NatureFlex™ films are certified ASTM D6400 for biobased content, and depending on the grade of film, the biobased content can vary from 90% to 99%.
High standards, high performance

NatureFlex™ films are suitable for packing a wide range of foodservice products in the rapidly expanding “food-to-go” market — from confectionery to bakery items. Resistant to grease, oil and fats, the films are microwave and conventional oven safe (recommended maximum 200’C 30 minutes).

Featuring novel heatseal resins on each side with a super wide range for outstanding machine performance, these static-free films can run on a wide variety of packaging machines, especially flow-wrap and overwrap formats.

They offer good gas barrier properties, and the coatings can be tailored to provide varying degrees of moisture barrier, helping to maximize shelf life of the wrapped product. They have a very good deadfold, and excellent transparency & gloss to enhance product presentation.

Commitment to sustainability

NatureFlex™ films are fully certified to the American (ASTM D6400) and European (EN13432) norms for 100% compostable packaging. Proven to be suitable for home composting, they will also biodegrade in a waste-water environment.

NatureFlex™ Clear Bags
Item # Description Case
223-NFG1 Bag with pleated sides (75 x 45 x 212mm) 1000
223-NFG2 Bag with pleated sides (100 x 45 x 250mm) 1000
223-NFG3 Bag with pleated sides (112 x 56 x 275mm) 1000
223-NFG5 Bag with pleated sides (150 x 56 x 325mm) 1000
223-NFF5 Bag (120 x 170mm) 1000
223-NFF1 Bag (145 x 195mm) 1000
Resealable PLA Flat Bag
Pack cold foods such as snacks and sandwiches in these crystal clear, resealable bags made from Ingeo™ — a NatureWorks® biopolymer derived from renewable, plant-based resources, not petroleum. They feature a 25mm lip and 1.2 ml tape, are 100% biobased, biodegradable and compostable in a municipal or commercial compost environment.

• For cold food use only
• 25mm lip with resealable tape
• 1.2ml bag thickness
• Produced from renewable plant-based resources
• ASTM D6400 certified compostable

NatureFlex™ cellulose-based wrap is made from wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC managed forests (a renewable resource). A great biobased alternative to petroleum-based plastic wrap, it’s suitable for both hot and cold foods and ideal for sandwiches, wraps, bakery goods and confectionery. 100% biodegradable and compostable at home or municipally.

NatureFlex™ Clear Sandwich Wrap
Item # Description Case
252-01414 Sandwich Wrap (350 x 350mm sheets) 3000
Natural Kraft Polycoated Sandwich/Freezer Wrap
Great for wrapping sandwiches and foods for frozen storage, this unbleached, polycoated natural kraft wrap is grease-proof, chlorine-free, microwave and freezer-safe.

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